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Smart Aquaculture

Moving Towards the Future in  Aquaculture

Smart Way to Control and Monitor Aquaculture Farming

Our Smart Aquaculture system includes a main controller, various sensors, a communication module, a touch screen display and cloud services to help manage your aquaculture using science and technology. When an abnormality is detected alerts will be sent out to owners and corresponding devices will be triggered to resolve the issue immediately. Moreover, schedules can be setup so that devices can be triggered on to perform repeating tasks daily. Let the move towards Smart Aquaculture begin!


Monitor Your Aquaculture!

Monitor various environmental parameters of your aquaculture continuously by connecting corresponding sensors (pH, EC, ORP, DO, temperature) to the controller. You may also add a level sensor to keep track of the water level as well!


Automatic Control

Using our app will allow users to remote access many devices in their aquaculture and setup rules and schedules to automate various tasks. As a result, it can help reduce the time and effort to manage an aquaculture and improve yields.


automation control

Use the APP for remote control, automatic scheduling setting or set conditions to trigger the control of related control equipment in the fish farm. The controller automatically adjusts the equipment according to the environment, expanding the range of fish farms that farmers can manage, thereby improving the survival rate and quality of farming. yield rate.

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Why Smart Aquaculture?

Why Smart Aquaculture?

The global community is moving towards the fourth industrial revolution as more and more industry implement the use of a Cyber-Physcial System. It is only a matter of time before Industry 4.0 technology revolutionize the aquaculture industry. The labor intensive way of managing an aquaculture is a thing of the past; utilizing computer algorithms and smart sensors to achieve automation for better efficiency will only become a more common practice. eKoPro Solutions is ready to embrace this new trend, and would like to invite you to come onboard with us to be apart of this revolution.


Frequency of Monitoring

Water Quality



Managing Area


Low initial capital required

On-site single point measurement

By experience

Manually record

No physical data, difficult to educate or train the next generation

Limited, rely on manual labor


Higher capital required

24/7 real time monitoring

Measures water parameters converts it into a quantifiable unit

Continuous measurement and record automatically

Everything is recorded, easily create profiles to follow

Very large area, remote accessible

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